Firefox JSON Viewer not working; Cannot view or edit JSON data

JSON is viewable in Mozilla Firefox, but there might come a time when you find it difficult to view this piece of information. Not only that, but it is possible to edit JSON data in Firefox as well, so if you are having problems with viewing or editing, worry not, for there are ways to solve this. JSON is an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text to transmit and store data.

Firefox JSON Viewer not working

Now, most folks who want to view and edit JSON data are likely to be programmers rather than regular folks. And that is why reading and editing such data is essential where Firefox is concerned because it is the browser of choice for many programmers. You have three options:

  • Is the JSON Viewer disabled? Enable it
  • Use a Firefox JSON Extension
  • Use an online JSON Editor tool.

Enable JSON Viewer in Firefox

If you cannot view JSON information in Firefox, then chances are the feature is disabled. The best option in a situation such as this one is to re-enable it. We can do this by copying and pasting the following in the URL bar:


After that is done, hit the Enter key to open the about:config page that is filled with a ton of options to play with.

Firefox JSON Viewer not working

The next step, then, is to copy and paste the following in the search box:


If the value is set to False, then it means the feature is disabled.

Simply double-click on devtools.jsonview.enabled in order to replace False with True, and this should enable it right away.

Restart your web browser, then attempt to read JSON files once more.

Use a Firefox JSON extension

If this does not work for you, you may use one of the following extensions:

1] JSON Lite Extension

If you’re not keen on using the built-in JSON viewer, we would like to recommend JSON Lite. It’s an extension for Firefox, and from our testing, it appears to work quite well.

Bear in mind that before using JSON Lite, you must first disable the built-in option via the about:config area.

Download the extension from the official website.

2] JSONView Extension

Another extension that works very well for viewing JSON files is one called JSONView. The cool thing about this extension is the fact that it doesn’t require users to disable the built-in viewer, so no extra work on your part.

Download the extension via the official website.

Use an online JSON Editor tool

1] JSON Editor Online

Viewing is just one aspect of using JSON files. The other is the ability to edit, and JSON Editor Online is one of the best tools out there to get the job done in the Firefox web browser.

We like this tool because it has a section for your code and another for the tree. With simple presses of the mouse, you can copy your code into the tree section with ease.

It’s a capable tool so give it a test drive to see if you find it pleasing for regular use.

2] Edit JSON Online

What we have here is another online tool for editing your JSON data.

It may not as powerful as the previous tool but still capable enough for users to get work done.

TIP: Here are some other useful online JSON Tools that may help you.

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